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Tools & GadgetsLose wires behind walls or under the floor and can’t figure out where it is?

Using rods but you don’t know what you’re pushing through?

Have to set a lot of cable running or even lots of house rewire up slowly and cautiously? 

Wiremag Puller

A useful and desirable tool to help you speeds everything up!

Making sure cables have a clear path to run through while knowing exactly where it is!

  • The strength of the magnet makes sure Wiremag Puller can easily run wires under floorboards, steel-framed walls, under the carpet, etc.
  • Two shapes of magnets can pass through holes of different sizes.
  • A desirable tool that quickens everything up with cable running.
  • Not disruptive to the walls in finished properties, allows you to do the job as neatly as possible.
  • The swivel leader eyelet lets you connect accessories like a pulling grip. It securely connects to most wires and mesh wire pulling grips.
  • The non-marring leader navigates around obstructions up to 20 feet.

Wiremag Puller, a magnetic wire pulling system allows you to effortlessly pull the cable through walls, floors, and ceilings even ceiling voids by yourself. No more struggling with the arrangement of wire between walls and enclosed spaces.

Designed to make electricians’ jobs easier when routing cables through floor voids. 

  • Eliminate damage to walls and numerous trips in and out of attics while on the job.
  • Strong magnet that clears a path and pulls your cables through.
  • Helps make installations in small spaces easier.

Wiremag Puller is a very desirable tool for a domestic installer:

  • When rewires in finished properties, but you can’t be intrusive into the walls too much.
  • Need to get cables down the back of a cavity wall, or in an open space wall but you can’t cut into the fabric of the building.

How to use?

Wiremag Puller innovative leader-pull design navigates the cable through the enclosed spaces smoothly, through insulation and other obstructions, then allows you to pull the cable under the floor to your access point.

  • Step 1. Uncoil the cord from the spool, place the bait magnet (with a cord attached) through the place you need;
  • Step 2. Secure the cable (up to 10mm) to the eyelet attachment;
  • Step 3. Connect it with scout magnet together. Using the thumb grip, pull the cord through the wall;
  • Step 4. Pull the cable through the void with ease.

Wiremag Puller helps you to work smarter, get the job done fast and done right!


Product type
  • magnetic wire pulling system
  • Nylon
Cable Length
  • 20ft. / 6m
Suitable Wall Thickness
  • ≤25mm
Package Contents
  • nylon rope, scout & bait magnet, eyelet leader


  • Because of the strength of the magnet, you must keep it separate from your electrical testing equipment or anything affected by magnetism.
  • Because of the strength of the magnet, we do not recommend it be used in the glass wall.


10 Reviews

Dave Hunt
Verified Buyer
this line puller works great. ive used it twice so far. once to run a new HDMI cable up a wall, and the other to bring speaker wire across the celling. the magnet is super strong and the string seems pretty durable. the way it's designed, even if the cord was to fray or break, you could easily attach another and keep using the product. My only complaint is the storage bin. it's magnetic, so the magnets wat to grab it, and they do. i took the inside foam out because with it in there's no place for the spool. so now the magnets are just stuck to each other and the tin, but no big deal. great product, would recomment.

Verified Buyer
Magnets are strong! Smooth surfaces protect the wall finish. It's just a very well made, perfect tool for pulling short runs behind drywall. I love that there are two sizes of in-wall puller - using the small one, I just drill a 5/8th hole in the gang box and it slid right though. Grabbed it from another room (by myself) and pulled it 12 feet up to my new outlet location. Included pull string is incredibly strong and snag resistant.

Karl J. Chase Sr.
Verified Buyer
Great addition to my fishing gear, there are times when you wonder how you are going to get the wire where you need it. This does the trick.

Verified Buyer
This thing didn’t disappoint! I was skeptical about this wire fish. The magnets are so powerful even if it attaches to something metal enroute the magnet has enough force to keep it moving. Cant wait to order more to share with other guys in my field

Jeffrey Wieder
Verified Buyer
I am very happy with this. The magnets are strong enough to work through the floor and very thick carpet and hold the magnet up against the floor without falling off. It was able to grab the smaller magnet was being pushed up through a hole inside the wall almost 2" away.

Ryan M.
Verified Buyer
It’s perfect for my job

Doug Engel
Verified Buyer
Works better than I thought it would.

Mario Ortega
Verified Buyer
Thank you the product is amazing

Vince Ximines
Verified Buyer
It provides electricians with complete control and flexibility to browse cables under wooden stud walls, paneled walls, plasterboard walls and even steel structure walls, as well as under floors and carpets.

Todd Smith
Verified Buyer
When running an hdmi cable through the wall to set up our home theater this cable was a life saver, trying to feed cables through a wall is so hard without it.

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